Ultrasound Technician Training And Career Guide

The need for a qualified ultrasound technician or technologist is continually increasing day by day. There is a great demand for such professionals in hospitals and other medical facilities. To locate the best jobs in this field, you can go through the employment service databases online.

This job offers excellent hourly salaries and other benefits and the amount of training that is required to become a sonographer, is far less when compared to other medical professionals. The following article will help you learn more about the job responsibilities, schools and salaries.

Job Description

For the effective diagnosis and treatment of medical problems, technicians use special machinery that gives off ultrasonic waves to capture images of the internal tissues and organs. Based on the recommendations given by physicians, sonographers will utilize specialized ultrasonic equipment to detect abnormalities in specific areas or angles of the body. Those who are interested in working in this field should have sound physical health since their job involves maneuvering patients that are undergoing ultrasound procedures. An ultrasound technician can easily find lucrative jobs in diagnostic imaging centers or hospitals.

Salary, Perks and Considerations

In the current market scenario, an ultrasound technologist can earn anywhere from $50,000 to $70,000 per year according to www.ultrasoundexchange.com. A person with a lot of experience in this field can expect to earn an average amount of at least $60,000 annually. Jobs in this field are easy to come by in almost any location these days and they offer competitive hourly rates. In addition to a comfortable salary, job aspirants can look forward to other perks such as free housing, job-related travel reimbursement and medical benefits.


If you are interested in working in the health care industry, then you should think of starting a new career in this field. Career opportunities in the healthcare sector are not only stable but also constantly on the rise. Another allied field where job opportunities are immense is the field of diagnostic medical sonography. To advance in your career in any one of these areas, you should attend one of the top accredited schools.

By undergoing first-rate training in any one of the best rated schools mentioned below, you can kick-start an exciting and rewarding career in this field. You can take up research regarding the best ultrasound technician schools in your area before deciding on the best one for you.

Top Accredited Ultrasound Schools Around The U.S.

Newman University in the State of Kansas is located on a spacious 61 acres in an urban setting and offers nursing and other health care programs. Students can enroll for a Bachelor of Science degree in Sonography in this university. By undergoing training in this reputable university, students can learn more about undertaking examinations related to the heart, abdomen and other areas of the body including specialty imaging. Students can sit for the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographer’s exam on completion of this program. Fresh graduates can work under the guidance of an experienced sonographer or doctor for some time before going ahead in their career independently.

Students can enroll in undergraduate programs in radiation science, sonography and medical imaging in this top university. Students will get a chance to work under trained sonographers and gynecologists and perform therapeutic procedures during their studies as part of their undergraduate program. They can work in clinics, hospitals and other health care facilities upon successful completion of the program.

The aforementioned are the other top rated schools that offer two-year Associates Degree programs for this field of study. Students who are looking to work in the field of obstetrics can enroll in the program offered by these two universities.

The Department of Diagnostic Ultrasound in Seattle University’s College of Science and Engineering offers a Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Ultrasound degree program. This program is one of a kind since it comprises of courses in liberal arts, basic sciences and an array of ultrasound specialties. High school students can apply for the Bachelor’s degree program offered by this university.

Certified technologists can expect better jobs and pay in this field. In order to obtain certifications, students should take up exams conducted by the certifying agency. They can enroll in the accredited ultrasound technology programs offered by the Charles Drew University in order to be eligible for these exams.

Types of Jobs Available After Training

Upon successful completion of the required programs, students can take up jobs in imaging centers, hospitals, clinics or doctor’s offices. A training tech will be required to perform their duties in diverse situations depending on their area of specialization. For example, someone in this field who has specialized in abdominal ultrasound can assist patients experiencing problems with their spleen, liver or kidneys.

Those who have specialized in breast ultrasound can support gynecologists. Abnormalities detected by a mammogram can be examined and diagnosed effectively with the help of these technicians. They may also offer biopsy services as and when the need arises.

Those who have specialized in the field of cardiac ultrasound can assist pediatricians in detecting heart abnormalities in children. The inner workings of the heart, its blood flow, etc. in children can be understood clearly with the help of a cardiac ultrasound. Cardiac ultrasound technology comes as a boon to diagnose heart abnormalities in children at an early stage in order to start quick treatment and pave the way for faster recovery.

The job satisfaction and competitive pay associated with this field lures many people towards this medical field day after day. Originally restricted to obstetrics, today ultrasound technology has branched out to include various other areas of the body. You can create the foundation for a rewarding career in the medical field by attending a reputable school. When compared to the other degree programs, the course fee and duration of study for training programs is also much less.